25 best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse

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Indianapolis, IN

If one finds themselves needing to cancel the zombie apocalypse and are in need of a destination, Indianapolis has been vetted as a proven spot ambitious survivors would not incorrect in choosing.

While it’s quite known from watching episodes of zombie shows like Z Nation, Black Summer, or Fear The Walking Dead that big cities can be death traps. Indianapolis is considered to be a city on par with some of the bigger metropolises out there, but the city in Indiana has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Indianapolis boasts some impressive numbers when it comes to the zombie survival metrics a metropolis needs to adhere to deter annihilation. Its ability to cure the disease is high thanks to the number of well-equipped medical facilities in the area. Containment and defense are substantial yet somewhat lacking, and their food resources aren’t as ideal as some would like going into a death-defying affair of this nature.

But the one thing that may tip the scales in favor of those in Indianapolis is the fact that there there are several incredibly efficient places to hide from the undead and possibly fortify an underground sanctuary like in the Metro video games. If survivors can gather supplies and make their way to the catacombs under the city market or underground tunnels located under the former Indiana Asylum, they may have a chance to thwart the end of days via zombies.