25 best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse

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Seattle, WA

Seattle is known for many things like being the home of the Mariners, the space needle, and it’s a place that rains a lot. But one thing the Washington city is not commonly associated with is the fact that it’s been assessed to be a top-notch choice for people to be when chaos ensues after a zombie outbreak goes down.

According to several different outlets, Seattle is the place for survivors to make their way to if they hope to survive an apocalypse brought on by the undead. Studies have shown that Seattle is one of the best-equipped cities to contain a zombie virus and is rated in the top ten when it comes to a place’s overall ability to endure an onslaught of walking corpses.

They have very favorable numbers when it comes to things like population density which would assist greatly in slowing down the spread of the undead-inducing disease, and its number of professionals with skills to aid in the efforts of fortification as well as rebuilding is considerably higher than cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia, just to name a few.

The ports are also a big plus when combating zombie hordes as a place to retreat if the need occurs. The only downside is if the zombies react to rain like they supposedly do in the Army of the Dead movie, which is that they come back for a bit to cause problems. If that’s the case, Seattle is in for a rough apocalypse.