The Walking Dead iconic scene: Andrea escapes from the Governor

The Walking Dead 105. Laurie Holden as Andrea and Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale
The Walking Dead 105. Laurie Holden as Andrea and Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale /

Throughout the 10 seasons of The Walking Dead, you can find many scenes that people will never forget. Whether it is an iconic scene for a character or some amazing FX, certain scenes just stick with you.

Andrea (Laurie Holden) in the comic is quite different than her series counterpart. The Andrea of the comics is a level-headed, useful character, whereas Andrea in the series was annoying and more of an annoyance to the group than anything. In the comics, she lasted until the Whisperer War and had a very different story. She was Rick’s lover for a time, a storyline that Michonne picked up in the series.

Andrea did have some redeeming moments during her time on the series, and she proved her worth on occasion. When Andrea was split from  Rick’s group after the farm’s fall, she was rescued by Michonne, and they formed a lasting bond. But, she was captivated by the Governor, and all the Woodbury had to offer. She did take up with the Governor, but in the end, she returned to help Rick and the group fight against him, showing her loyalty.

The Walking Dead Andrea and the Governor

When Michonne and Andrea first arrived in Woodbury, Michonne could tell something was off. On the other hand, Andrea was amazed and impressed by the community and wanted to spend some time there to see if it was a good fit for both of them. She ended up being so dazzled by the Governor and all he had to offer her.

She eventually became part of the leadership and formed a romantic relationship with the Governor only to find out about his true nature. When the conflict arises between Rick’s group and Woodbury, Andrea tries to keep the peace between them.

When the Governor realizes she is no longer on his side, he becomes obsessed with killing her. The scene below is an awesome scene with great horror film vibes. The Governor tracks her down to a warehouse and plays a game of cat and mouse with her, and he whistles during the pursuit; viewers can’t help but think of another villain who also uses a unique whistle later in the series. Just when the Governor thinks he has cornered her, she pulls a surprise he wasn’t expecting.

At this point, you feel like Andrea could have really taken a different turn in the series. That some of the badassery of her comic character could have been implemented and made her an awesome addition to Rick’s group, but that wasn’t the plan for this character. Before this episode ends, we see her once again in the clutches of the Governor.

Although she wasn’t a very liked character for always opposing Rick and causing the group more trouble than anything, her death was so emotional. When she told Rick, “Don’t worry…I know how the safety works,” fans couldn’t contain their emotions. This harkens back to season 1 when she was holding a gun on Rick, and he could tell she didn’t know much about using a gun, as the safety was indeed on.

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Laurie Holden did an amazing job portraying Andrea. Next up, you can see her in season 3 of Amazon’s The Boys.  She will play the Crimson Countess and join other newly cast characters,  including Miles Gaston Villanueva as Supersonic, Nick Wechsler as Blue Hawk and Sean Patrick Flannery as Gunpowder.