The Walking Dead, Survival Rule Of The Week: The Survivable City Myth

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The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: AMC /
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Where to take shelter in a zombie apocalypse

3) Where are you supposed to GO when there are zombies?!

Something else which bothered me with these studies was just what appeared to be a lack of logistics. Specifically, how could cities with such massive populations be expected to carry on when a good chunk of those populations would have nowhere to go to escape the dead?

They did mention the massive traffic nightmares in Los Angeles and New York and how difficult navigating Boston is yet, they still thought Boston would keep going? How? Where would everyone go?

If you’re dealing with thousands of zombies in places which have such population density within a relatively small area, how will a large enough portion of those cities’ populations survive long enough for those cities to keep going in any sort of meaningful way?

You could argue that stadiums or arenas in those cities could house several thousand people, which is true, but those would only be effective so long as the dead were kept out. Once the virus makes it’s way inside, we end up right back where we started: Where are people supposed to go? You’ll have thousands of people in an even smaller space, panicking, probably trampling one another, scrambling for exits that may be difficult to get to while the dead flood in. Then depending on how quickly people turn, the number of dead could quickly increase as whoever has turned infects more people who’ll start chasing the remaining survivors.

I’m willing to acknowledge the possibility (Slim though I believe it to be) that a portion of a city’s population could survive a zombie outbreak. Still, even then, it’s going to be very small. I can imagine the vast majority of that population is simply going to get trapped inside the proverbial “rock and a hard place” that the city and the hordes of undead are inevitably going to create.