Hal Cumpston, TWD World Beyond stars in Nine Perfect Strangers

- The Walking Dead: World Beyond Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC
- The Walking Dead: World Beyond Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC /

The Walking Dead: World Beyond’s cast member Hal Cumpston, who plays Silas, has a new role in a Hulu drama series. The streamer recently released Nine Perfect Strangers, and Cumpston plays the role of Zach Marconi.

The miniseries is based on a novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty and was created by David e. Kelly and John-Henry Butterworth. The series premiered on August 18.

Nine Perfect Strangers follows the story of nine people who gather at a retreat where guests are promised to be transformed. The resort is called Tranquillum House and is a health and wellness resort. But, things turn out differently than promised, and the guests discover secrets about each other and their host.

Nine Perfect Strangers cast

In addition to Cumpston, the cast includes Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, Asher Keddie, Samara Weaving, Melvin Gregg, Tiffany Boone, Manny Jacinto, Grace Van Patten, Zoe Terakes, Regina Hall and Bobby Cannavale.

The Walking Dead World Beyond Hal Cumpston season two

Next up, we will see Cumpston and his TWD World Beyond castmates when they return for the second and final season on October 3.

In July, at Comic Con@Home, the first teaser clip for the second season was released.

We didn’t get a lot of information but did get to hear about Will’s escape from the CRM, and he shared the news of the fall of the Omaha Colony with Iris and Felix. Although the story he was told was that walkers overran the community, we know that the CRM attacked and killed the residents there.

The second season will pick up where the first left off, and this season will end their story but will give us a much better picture of who the CRM is, and we are supposed to see some clues to The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes.

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond will return to AMC on October 3. And check out Hal Cumpston in Nine Perfect Strangers on Hulu.