The Walking Dead final season, will we finally know Heath’s fate?

Some characters just drop from existence in The Walking Dead, and although they are minor characters, they deserve a proper send-off. Even a death being torn apart by a walker is better than just vanishing. One character who may have been hinted at in the season 11 premiere hasn’t been seen since season 7 is Heath.

Corey Hawkins played Heath, and since leaving the series, he has starred in many other projects. Straight Outta Compton, Kong: Skull Island, 24: Legacy, BlacKkKlansman, 6 Underground, Survive, Dust and In the Heights. It is great to see him in so many other things…but where is Heath?

In the comics, he is seen for years and becomes part of the Militia and even after the 25-year time jump, he isn’t seen but is confirmed still alive.

Did the season premiere “Acheron Part 1” give a clue to Heath?

The Walking Dead final season, is Heath alive?

Many media outlets and fans have been talking up the fact that the name Heath was spotted on The Wall of the Lost. And, not a blurry, distorted name but a pretty obvious, clearly written name.

If you don’t remember, Heath was an original member of Alexandria, and he wasn’t afraid to question Rick and his leadership. We last saw him with Tara as they were being overwhelmed by walkers; Tara falls over the bridge, he retreats. She eventually returns to the bridge to find Heath, and the RV they had traveled in gone with only his glasses and a plastic car with PPP written on it remaining. The strangest thing about this character’s disappearance is Tara never even mentions him when she returns, and no one ever looks for him.

In 2018 showrunner Angela Kang told Insider this regarding the character’s disappearance and a familiar-looking RV that was seen in Jadis/Anne’s junkyard.

That was kind of the intention that we had in the back of our heads this whole time. Even back in that season where you know we had to write the wonderful Corey Hawkins out because he had huge opportunities in the feature film world… those seeds were already set there.

So, we see the name Heath on The Wall of the Lost in the Commonwealth. I know this is exciting as we really hope to see some familiar faces as we enter into the final season, but really, all this means is that someone who loves a person named Heath is looking for him. It would be really cool if we did get to see him. But, if Jadis/Anne traded him, he is with the CRM, not the Commonwealth.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, August 29.