Cooper Andrews is Aquaman in animated King of Atlantis for HBO Max

Ross Marquand as Aaron, Cooper Andrews as Jerry-The Walking Dead_Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
Ross Marquand as Aaron, Cooper Andrews as Jerry-The Walking Dead_Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

Fans of The Walking Dead can’t help but LOVE Jerry. He is loyal and fearless, and his comedic timing couldn’t be better. Jerry is played by Cooper Andrews, who is a fan favorite. We haven’t seen a lot of Jerry yet in season 11, and that is probably because Andrews was cast as Aquaman in the new King of Atlantis series for HBO Max.

The miniseries is produced by James Wan for HBO Max and will premiere with Chapter 1 on October 14. This will be a three-part series based on the Aquaman character from DC Comics. Andrews will voice Aquaman and is joined by Thomas Lennon, who will voice his royal advisor Vulko. Mera, his love interest, will be voiced by Gillian Jacobs and the villainous Ocean Master is voiced by Dana Snyder.

Andrews shared his excitement via Twitter.

 King of Atlantis trailer starring Cooper Andrews

In the trailer for King of Atlantis, we get a good look at Andrews’s character, Aquaman. He is the newly crowned king, and it looks like he has some growing pains to get into his new role as leader of the undersea world.

The Walking Dead’s Jerry in the final season

The Walking Dead series has started its journey into its final season, and we’ve only seen Jerry once in the premiere. He aided Daryl, Carol, and the others as they raided the military compound for food supplies. It was a successful mission in that no one died, and they did get some food, but the food was only enough to last a week.

Alexandria has had an influx of new residents with the burning of Hilltop, and the Whisperers horde has scared away any game that could be hunted. Things are bleak at Alexandria, and it will take every able-bodied person to ensure its survival.

It will be interesting to see how Jerry will react when he finds out that Ezekiel was captured by the Commonwealth and accepted him as a citizen there. Jerry should appear in the fifth episode of season 11, “Out of Ashes.”

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The Walking Dead returns to AMC on September 12 with “Rendition.”  This episode is currently available to stream on AMC+.