The Walking Dead World Beyond Dr. Ellis, we’ve heard that name before

Alexa Mansour as Hope - The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Chip Jackson/AMC
Alexa Mansour as Hope - The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Chip Jackson/AMC /

As I was doing some research for the third episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, I came across a familiar name. Dr. Ellis was introduced in “Exit Wounds,” and the character is played by Allan Edwards. Upon further research about this name, I came across a article confirming what I suspected. We’ve heard this name on The Walking Dead. 

When we first met Eugene (Josh McDermitt), he is traveling with Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Rosita (Christian Serratos), who are his bodyguards of sorts. They keep him safe because he has information that he must deliver to Washington DC to stop the virus. He gives a convincing story about his classified mission, and everyone is prepared to keep him safe and ensure he arrives in DC unscathed. As he explains who he is and what he can do to save the world, he mentions his old boss and the smartest man he ever met, Dr. T. Brooks Ellis.

Later we find his whole ‘classified mission’ is a lie and Eugene hadn’t ever met Dr. Ellis but had read a book he wrote.

The Walking Dead World Beyond, Dr. Ellis

In the episode featuring Dr. Ellis, we see him as a professor in Hope’s (Alexa Mansour) class. He is a colleague of Hope’s father, Dr. Bennent (Joe Holt). Ellis is a professor and researcher for the CR, and Bennett is a biochemist and geneticist. Bennett is studying fungus that could speed the decay of the dead, allowing the living beings to take back the planet.

The CR is still a very mysterious organization, and in each episode, we get to learn more about what they are doing in their research. They don’t seem to be the friendliest of communities, and when the CRM destroyed the Campus Colony and the city of Omaha then proceeded to cover it up, it makes one question their motives.

It would be very cool if someday Eugene finally meets the man he calls the smartest man he ever met, then that statement could be accurate.

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond will return to AMC on October 24 with the episode “Family Is a Four Letter Word.” This episode is currently available on AMC+.