Fear the Walking Dead’s Ruben Blades honored at Latin Grammys

Fear the Walking Dead’s Rubén Blades plays Daniel, who seems to be slowly losing his mind in the series. Since season one, Daniel has been a staple on the series, and Blades has done a fantastic job portraying this character. But did you know Blades is an amazing musician as well? This year he received multiple honors at the Latin Grammys. 

In a former life, Daniel was a secret agent of the Salvadoran Junta and CIA, giving him vital skills in an apocalypse. Those skills have allowed him to survive in this new world of the undead. He has suffered much loss since the outbreak but continues to push on.

We have only briefly seen Daniel so far in season seven, and his memory loss seems to be getting worse. This was thought to be a ruse, but perhaps it is for real. Right before the nuclear bomb was detonated, Daniel was in a group rescued by a CRM helicopter sent by Al. This group has now taken shelter in Fort San Vicente with Wes, Jacob, Luciana, Charlie, and Sarah.

Rubén Blades Latin Grammys

The Latin Grammy’s celebrated its 22nd annual awards show on November 18. Blades latest album, Salswing!, won the Latin GRAMMY for Album of the Year for 2021. This album is a collaboration between Blades, Roberto Delgado & Orquesta. This album also took the award for Best Salsa Album.

A 10-time Latin GRAMMY® and nine-time GRAMMY®-winner, Blades was honored as the 2021 Latin Recording Academy’s Person of the Year. This honor was bestowed on him for his commitment to fighting for justice worldwide, raising awareness for political oppression, hunger, poverty, and more.

What an honor! It is so exciting to see a member of the TWD Family receive such an honor for his good deeds.

Congrats to Rubén Blades.