The Walking Dead’s Steven Ogg cast in The Dresden Sun

Steven Ogg played Simon, the unpredictable right-hand man to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in The Walking Dead series. Simon was a force within the Saviors, but viewers knew it wouldn’t end well when he decided to go against Negan. Simon died at the hands of Negan and, after reanimation, was tied to the fence for all to see. Since season eight, Ogg has been gone from the series and has had some other awesome projects since that time.

His roles since leaving The Walking Dead include Flexon on The Tick TV series and Sobchak on Better Call Saul. Currently, he plays Pike on Snowpiercer, which is in its second season on TNT, with a third season to release on January 24, 2022. That series has been renewed for a fourth as well.

Ogg also lends his voice talents to the animated series OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes.  He voices Professor Venomous, Shadowy Figure, Laserblast and Lord Venomous.

Two future projects include a thriller titled Orgami and Emancipation, which he will star with fellow Walking Dead alum Jayson Warner Smith.

Deadline has reported that Ogg has now been cast in another new role.

Steven Ogg The Dresden Sun

Ogg will star with Christina Ricci and Samantha Win in a cyberpunk indie, The Dresden Sun, written and directed by Michael Ryan. Ogg will play Crilenger, a mercenary in this sci-fi thriller.

The synopsis for the film via Deadline:

The film observes as a heist goes south when a brilliant, principled mercenary with a traumatic past works with an insider to steal a valued asset from Peredor Corporation called “the sphere”. The C & Earth corporation, vying for global dominance, seeks to find a solution to an otherworldly technology via a scientist’s project. Meanwhile, a financial analyst, who despises his job at the powerful investment firm Mutual One, finds himself caught between deadly corporate rivals, financial fraud, and technological espionage, and is ultimately forced to run from a psychopathic military contractor.


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This is exciting news to be able to see Ogg in yet another role. This should be an easy transition as Snowpiercer is also of the sci-fi genre.

Congrats to Steven Ogg on his upcoming role in this film. Keep watching as we will keep you updated on release dates for this and his other projects.