The Walking Dead World Beyond season 2 deaths

Maximilian "Max" Osinski as Dennis, Annet Mahendru as Huck - The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC
Maximilian "Max" Osinski as Dennis, Annet Mahendru as Huck - The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC /

The Walking Dead World Beyond had a fantastic end to its run. The final episode of the series left us wanting more with many open-ended stories that could be pursued in The Walking Dead movies, Tales of the Walking Dead anthology, or some additional spinoffs.

The second season introduced many new characters to tell what was happening at the CRM research facility. One significant addition was the cross-over of Jadis from The Walking Dead. Now known as Warrant Officer Stokes, we learned that she had been trained by Jennifer “Huck” Mallick, who we met in season one. This was an exciting cross-over because Jadis is the last to see Rick Grimes and most likely knows what happened to him. We didn’t learn much about Rick, but it was confirmed that she traded him for her entrance into the CR.

As with any apocalyptic-themed movie or show, there will always be casualties. This season saw many more deaths as information about the CRM was revealed.

The Walking Dead World Beyond season 2 deaths

The first deaths we hear about are the close to 100,000 residents of Omaha, Nebraska. This was a mass killing by the CRM that included the Campus Colony.

Dev (Abubakr Ali) – a new character to season two and resident of the Perimeter.

Barca (Al Calderon) – a soldier in the CRM who asked too many questions and was then killed to be used in testing at the research facility.

Lyla Belshaw (Natalie Gold) – Dr. Belshaw is a scientist who has been conducting experiments on the undead under the watchful eye of the CRM. She is killed when Officer Stokes orders her to be put into the holding room with Barca, an empty, who eventually kills her.

Brody (Lee Spencer) – Brody is a resident of the Perimeter who decided to turn on his friends and give the CRM information to save himself. He tries to expose Huck and she kills him.

Robin (Wes Jetton) – a resident of the Perimeter who is shot in the back by Mills, a CRM soldier.

Wills (Adam Lindo) – a CRM soldier who is non-fatally shot by Will at the Perimeter shoot-out. Indira then shoots him in the head to protect her daughter Asha and Elton.

Webb (Jesse Gallegos) – a member of the culling facility that Silas is stationed. He becomes a soldier and is killed by empties while trying to apprehend Silas and Elton.

Percy (Ted Sutherland) – he befriended the Endlings in season one and eventually had a relationship with Iris. While helping guard Mason Beale, Percy is shot by a CRM soldier.

Tucker (Victor Dobro) is a CRM soldier killed when a bomb, left by the Bennetts, explodes when the laboratory doors are opened.

Samuel Abbott’s reanimated body (S.J. Ovaska) – a former scientist who asked too many questions and was then turned into one of Dr. Belshaw’s test subjects. His zombified body was sent into the tunnels as the research facility and shot by CRM soldiers.

Lyla Belshaw’s reanimated body – sent to the test subject freezer after her reanimation, Dr. Belshaw’s partially thawed remains attack Hope, who shatters her head with a freezer door.

Frank Newton (Robert Palmer Watkins) is a CRM Lieutenant who is very much about the CRM. He fights with Felix, who gets the upper hand, disembowels him, and releases a herd of empties, who devour him.

Jennifer Mallick (Annet Mahendru) – known as Huck, is a double agent for the CRM who tries to redeem her actions and the actions of her mother, Elizabeth Kublek, and the CRM. She bravely fights Jadis but is stabbed and dies ahead of the explosion she set to destroy the gas the CRM planned to use to destroy Portland.

Dennis Graham (Maximilian Osinski) – Dennis was the husband of Jennifer and a former CRM soldier. He was shot during the attack at the Perimeter and later, realizing he would die from his wound, sacrifices himself to allow Silas to look like a hero.

 Numerous CRM soldiers

Unnamed Perimeter residents 

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Many episodes saw no one killed, but once the deaths started, they really piled up for the World Beyond series finale.