The Walking Dead classic scenes: seasons one and three

Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal), Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) - The Walking Dead _ Season 2 _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Matthew Welch/AMC
Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal), Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) - The Walking Dead _ Season 2 _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Matthew Welch/AMC /

When AMC premiered The Walking Dead in October 2010, no one could imagine what this fandom would grow into. From the source material of the comic book series to the three TV series to the games, merch, websites, YouTube channels, and podcasts dedicated to The Walking Dead universe, it is pretty amazing how it has grown.

Since the flagship series is in its final season, we are looking back at some classic scenes. The video below features four very impactful scenes from seasons one and three. The earlier seasons are many viewers’ favorites due to the smaller number of characters and the more intimate feel of the story. There weren’t nearly as many arcs to follow, and the story felt more substantial because of this.

Below let’s look at these four classic scenes from seasons one and three.

The Walking Dead classic scenes

The first episode “Day Gone Bye” introduces us to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), a Sheriff Deputy who awoke from a coma to what seemed like the end of the world. We see him the first time he emerges from his hospital room to an empty hall in the scene below. He is confused and unsure of what has transpired.

He sees a woman lying in a hallway with skin and most of her insides missing. He steps back in shock not understanding what he is looking at. Viewers are learning right along with Rick what has gone on while he was in his coma. It is a whole new world and as he gets ready to head outside, there is no way he is prepared for what he will see next.

“Tell it to the Frogs” is a season one episode that contains a lot. We are introduced to Daryl Dixon, we see Shane give Ed the beat down he deserves and Daryl finds Merle’s severed hand on the roof in Atlanta. But, the one scene that can bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardened heart was the Grimes family reunion. This is an iconic scene in the series for not only the reunion between the family but the look of pain on Shane’s face as he witnesses the return of Rick.

Lori Grimes was a character that was tough to like. She pitted Rick and Shane against one another knowing she needed both of them for her and Carl’s survival. But, in the season three episode “Killer Within,”  she went into labor and had to endure horrific childbirth, even the most staunch Lori haters felt sympathy for her. She sacrificed herself to allow little Judith to enter the world.

In the following episode, “Say the Word,” Rick reeling in grief over Lori’s death, heads in the cell block, ax in hand. He goes to the boiler room and finds the gruesome scene where Lori gave birth and died. He then sees a bloated walker with pieces of Lori’s hair still hanging from his mouth and shoots him in the head. This is only the beginning of Rick’s spiral as he tries to deal with the death of his wife.

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The Walking Dead series is in its final chapters, and it is fun to look back at these iconic scenes from the earliest seasons.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 20, 2022.