The Walking Dead universe expectations for 2022

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, Angel Theory as Kelly, Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa, Nadia Hilker as Magna-The Walking Dead_Season 11, Episode 3-Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, Angel Theory as Kelly, Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa, Nadia Hilker as Magna-The Walking Dead_Season 11, Episode 3-Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

The Walking Dead fandom is a roller coaster of emotions, from actors leaving, to series endings and so on. We are approaching a new year, and it’s time AMC gives us some great content as the flagship series winds down, some news on the movies, and some other items on the wish list below.

Fandoms are nothing new, but if you are a part of TWD Family, you know this fandom is different. They are passionate, insightful and dedicated. The fans pay attention to the details of the series and will call out the creators if something is amiss. They are invested in this fandom for the long haul, even if things aren’t going the way they think they should.

We are at an exciting juncture in TWDU as the main series will end in 2022, but with endings come new beginnings. Those beginnings will consist of Tales of the Walking Dead, premiering in the summer of 2022, the Daryl and carol spin-off series and other spin-offs as well.

The Walking Dead universe wish list for 2022

Below is a list of things in TWDU that would be great to see in the new year.

End of the Reapers – this story arc seems to have served no purpose other than Daryl finding out Leah isn’t who he thought she was. Hopefully, this arc completes things quickly, and Daryl gets to move on.

Alexandria catches a break – this community has been beaten and left bruised from all the wars and natural disasters. It would be great to see them get a chance to recover some. But, from the looks of the teaser trailer for part two of season 11, they will be getting some unexpected visitors.

More Commonwealth – this community is brewing something that our main group will most likely not take too kindly to. The Commonwealth’s class system will be a tough pill to swallow for the majority of the main characters.

Rick’s comic book death – in the comic storyline, Rick is killed by Sebastian. With the introduction of Sebastian, the only purpose he will serve is to carry that storyline out. So, the question is, who will get Rick’s death? Dwight also dies in the comics since he is now on Fear TWD; perhaps someone else will also get his death? Speaking of death, will we ever know Alden’s fate?

Madison ClarkFear TWD will finally see the return of Madison and this is one character return that should be epic with an epic back story as to where she has been.

Finding out more about PADREFear TWD has been teasing PADRE for the first half of season seven. It seems that it is a location but where it is located is still a mystery. If this is set up to help correct things after a disaster it seems vital that they locate this mysterious spot.

Movie update – fans recently spotted Andrew Lincoln at a basketball game in the US. Now is the time to give an update on the promised movies. Give us any updates, and the fandom will be happy.

Tales of the Walking Dead – this series has so much potential! The hope is that the creators will do a bang-up job and give us some fantastic stories with this series.

Daryl and Carol spin-off and others – fans know a Daryl and Carol spin-off is in the works, but so far, there has been nothing released about what this will look like. Perhaps it will be explained in the finale season of TWD. There has been talk about other spin-off series, and it would be some exciting bit of news to hear if any other ones are in the planning stages.

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It is quite an ambitious list, but many items are necessary. The Walking Dead universe will not die with the end of the main series but let’s hope the creators carefully plan what is to come next. The loyal fans deserve some amazing content.