TWD World Beyond’s Anna Khaja starring in Definition Please on Netflix

Anna Khaja as Indira - The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Chip Jackson/AMC
Anna Khaja as Indira - The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Chip Jackson/AMC /

The Walking Dead: World beyond was a limited two-season series, but it gave us many new TWD Family members. One character who had a very interesting storyline, one that it would be nice to learn more about was Indira from the Perimeter played by Anna Khaja.

Indira was the leader of a group that lived at the Perimeter, a small settlement located a few miles outside of the CRM Research facility in New York state. Before the fall, Indira purchased the abandoned farm town with the idea of creating an artists commune. Many people came to live there and enhanced the community and thrived in their off-the-grid lifestyle.

After the fall, the residents were able to fortify their homes and recruit more survivors to protect what they had established. Sometime later they encountered the CRM who are a mysterious group with questionable motives. Indira and the CRM leader Elizabeth Kublek came to an agreement that allowed the two entities to peacefully co-exist.

Anna Khaja stars in Definition Please on Netflix

Like many World Beyond actors, Khaja has wasted no time securing new roles since the end of World Beyond.

Recently she starred in an episode of the CBS  legal drama Bull as a character named Vijay Patterson. She shared her excitement about the episode and the fact she got to work with two friends, Nichole Millard and Eric Stoltz, on her IG page 

She has also played the role of Professor Levin on The Sex Lives of College Girls and will appear in an episode of The Lincoln Lawyer (TV Series) as Dr. Miriam Arslanian.

Deadline reports that a film starring Khaja titled Definition Please will release on Netflix on January 21. This comedy-drama also stars and was written and directed by Sujata Da, her feature directorial debut. The film saw its premiere in August 2020 at the Bentonville Film Festival and in October 2020 at the Asian American International Film Festival.

Definition Day follows a former Scripps spelling bee champ, Monica (Day), who must come to terms with her estranged brother who returns home to care for their sick mother.

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