The Walking Dead season 11 episode 9 fans react

- The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
- The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

The Walking Dead has aired one of the best episodes of the series, with season 11, episode nine, “No Other Way.” This episode was action-packed, tied up some cliffhangers and dished out several surprises.

The episode began with the Reaper war and that wicked-looking hwacha being fired into the horde of walkers, including Maggie, Negan, Gabriel, Elijah and Daryl. Gabriel was the MVP of this episode with his outstanding altercation with Mancea and taking out Leah’s rooftop sniper. Maggie was no slouch either. She took out those Reapers without a second thought.

Negan has left the building. As soon as he realized that Maggie was looking out for number one, he didn’t plan on waiting around to see if she would betray their truce.

Aaron rescued Judith and Gracie and Lydia rescued him. The Alexandrians worked together to put out the fire in the windmill as well as shore up the walls so the walkers couldn’t continue to pour into the community. Rosita, Lydia and Dianne were beasts taking out all of those walkers!

The reunion at the end was heartwarming. Seeing the characters hug and rejoice about the food brought back was a great balm to a season that hasn’t had a lot of joy so far.

Then, enter in Eugene and the Commonwealth. Lance seems to be offering some good stuff, but at what cost!?

Six months later. Maggie and Elijah are at Hilltop, and Daryl is a member of the Commonwealth military. The following episodes will prove very interesting as we learn what happens during those six months leading up to this scene.

The Walking Dead fans react

Below are some of our favorite fan reactions to this week’s episode.

This episode answered @ricksyeun cousin’s question.

Norman Reedus shared a pic of his restaurant Nic & Norman’s during the live viewing of the episode.

Scott is a character played by Kendric Green and is a long-time character who rarely gets screen time. At least he was mentioned during this episode.

Aaron really does care about Alexandria. He is one of the very few remaining original members of this community.

Judith really did live up to the nickname Uncle Daryl gave her when she was born.

Even Jerry (Cooper Andrews) knows Gabriel was the man in this episode.

Most everyone in the fandom!!

Maggie was doing what needed to be done. Her plan, all along, was not only to get the food necessary for Alexandria but to exact her revenge on the Reapers.

Alden’s death story is a sad one. He will be missed.

This post by actor Callan McAuliffe, who played Alden.

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The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Feb. 27 with the second episode of season 11B, “New Haunts.” This episode is available to stream on AMC+.

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