The Walking Dead season 11 episode 15 promo video

Josh Hamilton as Lance Hornsby - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC
Josh Hamilton as Lance Hornsby - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC /

The next episode of The Walking Dead is titled “Trust” and is the fifteenth episode of season 11. This episode will release on AMC on April 3 and AMC+ on March 27.

This episode looks quite exciting. The true nature of the Commonwealth continues to be revealed. Not all members of this community are crooked, but many of the upper crust as most assuredly looking out for number one.

Lance Hornsby seems to be the worst as he sets his sights high and gets people to do what he wants one way or another. The more that is learned about him it becomes apparent he has something major planned.

The Walking Dead Trust

The promo for this episode shows viewers have now caught up to the six-month time jump where Daryl, in his Commonwealth armor, arrives with Hornsby and many troopers at the gates of Hilltop. Previously we saw Maggie and Daryl exchange words stating this is how things have to be. In the teaser, she asks if Daryl expects her to trust him, referring to Hornsby, and Daryl replies, “I’m asking you to trust me.”

We see Daryl falling in line in the Commonwealth military, but to what end? He is most likely doing everything he can to give Judith and RJ a good home until they return to Alexandria. But, the deeper he gets into things, will the CW ever allow him to leave? Mercer seems to respect Daryl and there is something brewing there also.

Daryl, Hornsby and the troops are also at Riverbend assessing the damage there. And Kelly and Connie share “the list” of names with Rosita and Eugene. Tomi and Ezekiel appear to be hiding out at the hospital. We also hear Max tell someone they could be so much more and make a difference. Is she talking to her brother Mercer or perhaps Eugene?

There is much going on in this episode which is building to the season 11B finale “God.”

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