The Walking Dead: Leah is back, with a vengeance

Lynn Collins as Leah - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
Lynn Collins as Leah - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

Viewers knew that they hadn’t seen the last of the lone Reaper who survived the battle at Meridian. Leah (Lynn Collins) made a dramatic return in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. A shipment of guns from the Commonwealth had mysteriously gone missing, with several troopers being killed. It was thought that Riverbend was responsible, but viewers found out who the culprit was in a flashback.

Leah has shown several different colors since her introduction in season 10c. We had seen her tough as she held her gun on Daryl in the cabin, tender as she entered a relationship with Daryl, demanding when she made Daryl choose looking for Rick or her, and as a Reaper who aided in Daryl’s torture. She also killed Pope, the Reaper’s leader, who she looked on as a father figure and betrayed Daryl in the process.

Maggie did her best to take out all of the Reapers who terrorized her people at Meridian but only shot Leah in the shoulder. Daryl, with mixed feelings, let her go telling her things could have been different.

The Walking Dead – Leah

Now that she is back, what is her end game? Is she seeking vengeance on Maggie for all of the dead Reapers? Why did she target the Commonwealth? Has she had previous run-ins with them in the past?

Leah is trained in combat and obviously very good at it. Has she started a new group? Is that why she wants the guns? Why would she go on this mission alone if that was the case?

There are so many questions!

Even though she showed some tenderness with Daryl at the cabin and with the child she raised as her own son, the ruthless combat specialist is the true Leah, which could mean trouble.

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