Fear the Walking Dead: Arno holds Wes’ life in his hands teaser clip

Colby Hollman as Wes - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC
Colby Hollman as Wes - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC /

Tonight’s May 1, 2022, episode of Fear the Walking Dead is titled “Ofelia” and will feature Wes (Colby Hollman), Luciana (Danay Garcia), and Daniel (Rubén Blades). This episode marks the directorial debut of Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Alicia in the series.

This episode will see Daniel’s mental health deteriorate as Wes and Luciana lose patience with him. The sneak peek below also shows that Wes will encounter Arno in this episode. Arno is the leader of the stalkers who has been out to get Alicia for what he says led his people to their deaths by following the undead version of Senator Vasquez.

He is also responsible for the attack at Strand’s Tower, and now he has Wes in some sort of cage suspended above a large number of walkers.

Fear the Walking Dead

This week’s episode will continue the pattern of character-centric episodes. This week’s focus will be on Daniel and whatever is going on with his mental health. In the past, he has faked issues to spy on Strand, but this time it appears he is really experiencing something, which could be bad for him and the others, as he is an asset in times of conflict.

As war is brewing between Alicia and Strand, many viewers have been unimpressed with the first two episodes of season 7B; the first highlighted Alicia and the second Charlie. Many were hoping to see the war teased during the midseason finale to be in full swing during the midseason premiere.

Next week’s episode, “Sonny Boy,” will see that baby Mo is somehow missing and John Dorie Sr. finds an opportunity to impress Strand.

Later this season, fan-favorite Madison Clark will return and then in season 8, she will become a series regular once again.

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