The Walking Dead homes from Alexandria for sale in Senoia, Georgia

The Walking Dead filming locations. Photo: Renee Hansen
The Walking Dead filming locations. Photo: Renee Hansen /

The Walking Dead series wrapped filming for its final episode in March 2022. This was a bittersweet day for everyone involved in the production of the series and for the fandom. The community of Alexandria, located in Senoia, Georgia, has long been a spot that fans have flocked to, and now the houses built for the series will be for sale.

Fox 5 Atlanta has been allowed to go behind the walls of Alexandria and give us a glimpse of the houses featured in the series that are being readied to be placed on the market. It has been reported that these houses have only been filmed in, but some of the actors did stay in the homes during the filming of the season 10 bonus episodes that were filmed during the pandemic.

President of Senoia Enterprises, Scott Tighelaar, joked that the blood has been scrubbed from the walls, then reminded everyone that it was fake blood.

Below is the video from Fox 5 Atlanta showing some of the houses that will be for sale.

The Walking Dead set houses for sale

Months ago, it was announced that the walls of Alexandria, which were erected in 2014, would be removed by June 2022. It appears that this is still on schedule. This news saddened fans, but for people who aren’t fans of the series, it makes sense they wouldn’t want these walls around their newly purchased home.

The brownstones used in the series are also for sale for $1.1 million. The listing on Zillow shows the inside of these gorgeous properties.

The property where the set was constructed is known as the Gin Property, and plans to continue the development of this area will now continue. These plans include building more custom homes and brownstones in the vacant lots.

So, if you are in the market for a new home and one with a fantastic Walking Dead backstory, you may want to consider a move to Senoia.

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