The Walking Dead: Last Mile coming summer 2022, official trailer

Beginning July 11, Skybound Games will release The Walking Dead: Last Mile exclusively on Facebook Gaming and Facebook Watch. This release is part game, part interactive experience where participants determine the outcome. A release like this is another unique addition to The Walking Dead universe, giving fans another opportunity to see more stories set in this world.

In March, Skybound announced that it has teamed with Genvid Entertainment to develop this new experience or massively interactive live event (MILE). A sort of “choose your own adventure” in TV form.

Touted as the next chapter in The Walking Dead saga, it will enable fans to directly impact the outcome of this new experience that is a game but also an interactive TV show. TWD: LM will see participants worldwide interact within The Walking Dead universe like never before. The story and its protagonist’s fates will be in the hands of the players as the story progresses, minute-by-minute, day-by-day, week-by-week.

Updates will be posted on social media, be sure to follow @TheOfficialWalkingDead on Facebook and @TheWalkingDead on Twitter.

Below is the cinematic trailer released during the IGN Expo for The Walking Dead: Last Mile. 

The Walking Dead: Last Mile

The trailer features a survivor who easily overpowers a frozen walker, who another survivor then ambushes. A fight ensues, and the second man is shot, requiring the first man to take him to what appears to be his community to have his wound tended.

This type of story is fascinating to think about. The story will run 24/7 as a FREE live stream event where viewers can determine the story’s outcome. It will be quite interesting to see how well this is received by fans.

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