Norman Reedus featured in upcoming art show in Arles, France

Norman Reedus has recently made headlines with the fantastic success of his debut novel, The Ravaged, which is on the USA Today, Los Angeles Times, and New York Times bestseller lists. The novel follows three individuals on journeys that eerily lead them to similar destinations. It has been described as gritty and wild, with stories of unforgettable characters. During his book tour, he mentioned that a new art show was in the works, and it has been announced that he will be featured in Art Trope Gallery’s latest exhibition, “Alterity: I is an other.”

Reedus and videographer, writer, and French photographer Fabienne Berthaud are the guest artists for the show that will feature ten additional artists. Berthaud and Reedus have worked together in the past, most notably on the film Sky, of which Berthaud was the writer and director. This movie also starred Reedus’ fiance Diane Kruger, the set where the couple first met.

“Alterity: I is an other” will run from July 4 – September 3 and will coincide with Les Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles. The gallery has a virtual option for those unable to attend in person.

Norman Reedus

Reedus’ photography has been featured in numerous shows around the world, with his most recent solo exhibit in January 2022 at Copenhagen at Gallery Poulsen. 

He has a keen eye for the macabre but will take it further and transform it into something beautiful. Years ago, he did a series of roadkill photography while filming The Walking Dead in Georgia. The other actors would inform him of where they saw the latest road kill, and he would ride his motorcycle on the Georgia back roads to capture the remains of animals on the roadside.

Fans wishing to own Reedus’ photography can do so via his site Currently, there is a special signed, limited edition serigraph titled “It’s Good to be Home,” an amazing shot taken in Georgia. It is a beautiful representation of the place he called home for quite some time while filming The Walking Dead. He has several signed prints available on the site, and you can purchase BBH merch and his photography books.

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