The Walking Dead season 11 part 3 episode titles and more details

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC /

The Walking Dead season 11, part 3, will begin airing on AMC on October 2. Until then, the media, fan sites and fans are all anxious to learn anything about the last eight episodes of the series. The Walking Dead universe was ripe with news this week. The first big announcement was the title change for Isle of the Dead to The Walking Dead: Dead City. Next, The Walking Dead released a new promo, key art, episode titles, and synopsis’ for the first two episodes.

The new promo teaser, Nothing’s Easy, begins with the Commonwealth at the gates of Outpost 22, formerly known as Alexandria. We also see that our survivors are ready for the battle with Governor Pamela Milton (Laila Robins), Deputy Governor Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton), and the soldiers of the Commonwealth. We always knew they wouldn’t go down without a fight and now that their homes and families are in jeopardy expect high casualties, possibly on both sides as the series tells its final chapter.

The teasers and trailer have all been action-packed, making it appear that things will hit the ground running on October 2 when the first of the final eight episodes air.

The Walking Dead season 11 part 3

Episode titles, air date, and synopsis: 

1117 “Lockdown” – October 2 – Daryl and Negan rush to the Commonwealth to stop Hornsby from going after their families. Pamela deals with protesters demanding justice for Sebastian’s crimes. Mercer needs Rostita’s help to fight a swarm. Directed by Greg Nicotero and written by Julia Ruchman.

1118 “A New Deal” – October 9 – Carol makes a deal with Pamela to wipe the slate clean on behalf of her friends. Aaron, Jerry, Lydia and Elijah get on the road to Oceanside to fill them in on a plan. The Commonwealth celebrates Founders Day. Directed by Jeffrey F. January and written by Corey Reed and Kevin Deiboldt.

1119 “Variant” – October 16

1120 “What’s Been Lost” – October 23

1121 “Outpost 22” – October 30

1122  “Faith” – November 6

1123 “Family” – November 13

1124 “Rest in Peace” – November 20 – series finale

We will continue to add episode synopsis as they are released.

dark. Next. Isle of the Dead no more, new title The Walking Dead: Dead City

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