Walking Dead actress Kerry Cahill shares Kingdom memories

Kerry Cahill Cassady McClincy Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
Kerry Cahill Cassady McClincy Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

The Walking Dead series has several characters who have been around for many years but don’t get as much screen time as others. One of the characters is Dianne, who is portrayed by Kerry Cahill. We first met Dianne in the season 7 episode “The Well” that aired in 2016. This episode was the series’ first introduction to the Kingdom.

Dianne is a woman of few words who chooses to be vocal only when she has something constructive to add to the conversation. She doesn’t stand idly by but is always willing to get into the thick of things and fight with her group and allies. She is an asset to any group she chooses to align herself with as she is proven time and again to be extremely loyal.

Recently Cahill took us down a short trip of her memory lane and the early years of her time on the series. She shared a photo of her Kingdom crew, including Jerry (Cooper Andrews), Richard (Karl Makinen), King Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Benjamin (Logan Miller), Alvaro (Carlos Navarro), and herself. The second photo is of Payton in costume as the King. From her description, this must have been before his first episode aired, and they were trying to hide him from the press and others trying to get a sneak peek. This would have been an incredible “spoiler” photo op.

The Walking Dead – Kerry Cahill as Dianne

Dianne has been through it in this series. She has had to endure the Saviors and watch the fall of her beloved Kingdom, not to mention all of the deaths she has witnessed. She’s been part of the militia and both Alexandria and Hilltop communities.

During season 11, Dianne was instrumental during the storms at Alexandria as she and the others fought mother nature and the horde of walkers descending on the community. She eventually made her way back to Hilltop, but as things were bleak, she was unhappy with Maggie’s choice to decline the Commonwealth’s offer of assistance. She chooses to move to that community, feeling she has no other choice.

It will be interesting to see how Dianne’s story ends in the last eight episodes of the series. Hopefully, she doesn’t become one of the characters who just fades into the background and is never heard from again.

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