Is The Walking Dead Season 1 good?

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Greg Nicotero - The Walking Dead, Season 1 - Photo Credit: Scott Garfield/AMC
Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Greg Nicotero - The Walking Dead, Season 1 - Photo Credit: Scott Garfield/AMC /

The Walking Dead will air its final episode ever on November 20, 2022, and marks a sad time for TWD fandom. This series that began in October 2010 has created a universe more significant than anyone could have imagined. The first season is iconic for many reasons and it set the bar for any other ZA series to try and reach.

Many fans in TWD Family will agree that seasons 1-3 are some of the best of the series. The early episodes were outstanding as characters were introduced, and the type of zombies for this series was revealed. These early episodes didn’t see the characters venture very far from Atlanta and had a smaller pool of characters to keep track of. As the series continued, storylines were overwhelmed with more characters making it seem less intimate.

The Walking Dead season 1

The first season of The Walking Dead introduces all of the main characters, several of which had been featured in comic books. Readers of the comic story enjoyed seeing the familiar characters portrayed on the screen.

Walking Dead
Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) – The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 1 – Photo Credit Gene Page/AMC – TWD_201_0616_3558 /

The first scene sets up the tone for the entire series. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) comes to a gas station that has long been abandoned with signs stating there was no gas at this station. He hears a sound and discovers a walker, the term used for the undead, and not just any walker but a child. The look on his face is devastating as he realizes he will have to put her down. To make the first kill of the series, a child showed viewers that this was more than just a typical zombie show.

To answer whether or not season 1 of The Walking Dead is good, the answer would be yes. It begins as a unique take on the zombie genre that focuses on survival rather than only destruction. If you talk to die-hard fans, they will admit the series has had its highs and lows, but overall this is a very good series.

The other aspect of The Walking Dead is that when it comes down to it, the undead isn’t the real threat. Humans will always be worse than any of the walkers encountered by the survivors. Over the course of the series, the significant threats have been the villainous humans and their desire to watch the world burn.

The first season consisted of six episodes: 

Plot 101 “Days Gone Bye”
102 “Guts”
103 “Tell It to the Frogs”
104 “Vatos”
105 “Wildfire”
106 “TS-19”

The first season is a quick binge with only six episodes and sets up the characters in the original Atlanta group. Of that group, only three have survived, Rick, Daryl and Carol, with only Daryl and Carol still on the series in season 11.

Walking Dead
(L-R) Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal), Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies), Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), T-Dog (Robert ‘IronE’ Singleton), Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs), Andrea (Laurie Holden), Glenn (Steven Yeun), Sophia (Madison Lintz), Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride), Jacqui (Jeryl Prescott) and Dr. Edwin Jenner (Noah Emmerich) /

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