Norman Reedus shares new episodes of Ride with Norman coming soon

Norman Reedus - Ride with Norman Reedus _ Season 4, Key Art - Photo Credit: AMC
Norman Reedus - Ride with Norman Reedus _ Season 4, Key Art - Photo Credit: AMC /

Fans of Norman Reedus are enjoying the new Daryl Dixon that has emerged in the final episodes of The Walking Dead. He is more assertive and has finally taken on a real leadership role, and he seems to be made for it. As the final scenes quickly bring fans to the conclusion of The Walking Dead, Reedus is busy with numerous other projects. He will star in a Daryl spinoff series set in France, is writing another book, photography shows, creating a bigbaldhead whiskey, and his motorcycle travel series Ride with Norman Reedus. 

This week Reedus shared a screenshot of a letter sent to his fiance, Diane Kruger, from The National Enquirer; I didn’t know that was still a thing. Regardless, they wanted Kruger to confirm a story they wanted to public about Reedus pushing for her to star in the Daryl spinoff series.

Evidently, it was a slow news day, and they had to think of something. Kruger is extremely busy with her acting career and taking care of the couple’s young daughter. She also just published her first book, a children’s story titled A Name From the Sky, for which she is currently on a book tour.

Ride with Norman Reedus

The original post was via Instagram, but Reedus also reposted it on Twitter and added a piece of good news. His other series, Ride with Norman Reedus, will have new episodes on AMC soon.

This is exciting news for fans of the series, as the last new episode aired in the spring of 2021. Ride was hit hard by covid as this series sees Reedus and his celebrity guest travel in different areas of the world, meeting new people and discovering the local flavors of the regions.

There haven’t been any announcements on the guest list for this new season, but we know that Keanu Reeves will be a guest. The duo traveled the scenic byways of Utah for their episode earlier this year.

Reedus has been seen with other celebrity motorcycle enthusiasts, but there is no word if these rides were for the series.

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