The Walking Dead cast members in the Netflix Outer Banks series

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The cast members in The Walking Dead universe are a diverse group of individuals. Often you are watching a movie or series, and suddenly, an actor you recognize from one of The Walking Dead universe series pops up. This is the case with the Netflix original series Outer Banks. 

If you are unaware, Outer Banks is a teen drama series on Netflix set in the Outer Banks region of North Carolina. A group of teens known at the Pouge’s embarks on an adventure to locate a sunken ship, which legend has it, sunk with $400 million worth in gold on board. This leads them to find out that one of their member’s fathers, who has gone missing, had ties to the search for this missing ship as well.

It is a great teen mystery adventure series that currently has three seasons available on Netflix and has been renewed for a fourth.

Walking Dead cast members in the Netflix series Outer Banks

It’s always fun to watch a new movie or series and spot Walking Dead cast members. Moss was a character announced for the series, but fans of TWD would be surprised to see several other familiar faces in the series.

Moss played Officer Gorman at Grady Memorial and was the creepy officer who had the awful lollipop scene with Beth (Emily Kinney). He was knocked out by Beth and devoured by the walker versions of Joan (Keisha Castle-Hughes) before being put down by his superior, Dawn (Christine Woods).

Kirkpatrick played one of the Highwaymen named Alek and had a more memorable demise as one of Alpha’s (Samantha Morton) pike victims.

Warner Smith’s character Gavin was seen in seasons 7 and 8 of TWD. He was a high-ranking leader in Negan’s group of Saviors and one of the four outpost leaders. He is eventually killed when Henry stabs him with his staff.

Jesse C. Banks played one of the Wolf characters in seasons 5 and 6 and was able to reprise his role in season 11’s episode “Out of the Ashes.”

Gary Weeks was on The Walking Dead in season three. He played Corporal Brady, who was a member of the National Guardsmen whose helicopter was shot down by the Governor and his men.

Cullen Moss plays the role of Deputy Shoupe on Outer Banks and is also known for his roles in The Underground Railroad, Your Honor, The Righteous Gemstones, and the upcoming The Staircase. 

Jayson Warner Smith plays Coroner Charlie on Outer Banks, and you can see him in his other roles in Billionaire Boys Club, Queen America, The Devil to Pay, and Where the Crawdads Sing with fellow TWD Family member Garret Dillahunt.

Jason Kirkpatrick plays Ranger Hayes in Outer Banks and can be seen in his roles in The True Don Quixote, The Hunt, Stargirl, Irresistible, and Stay at Conder Beach. 

Jesse C. Banks plays Renfield in Outer Banks. He can also be seen in his roles in Hillbilly Elegy, Palmer, Manhunt, Creepshow, and Hap Leonard. 

Gary Weeks plays Luke, JJ’s father in Outer Banks. He is known for his roles in Greenland, Sweet Magnolias, The Tomorrow War, Instant Family, and Parks and Recreation. 

Updated: 02/23/2023, Moss and Weeks will reprise their roles for the third season of Outer Banks, which released on Netflix on Feb. 23. 2023.

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