Tales of the Walking Dead season 1 episodes ranked worst to best

- Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC
- Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC /

Tales of the Walking Dead is the third spinoff series of The Walking Dead. What sets this one apart from the others is that it is an anthology, it can be watched without watching any of the other TWDU series, and the episodes can be watched in any order as they are standalone stories. The first season ranged from comedy to supernatural thriller, and it was a great introduction to a series that could spearhead the resurgence of the fandom.

The Walking Dead proper has had its up and downs during its 12-year run. This is expected with a series that has stood the test of time to last that long. There are several spinoff series in the works to continue the stories of some of those characters, including Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). This is exciting for die-hard fans who have their favorite characters and long to see more about them once the flagship series has ended.

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But, what Tales of the Walking Dead can do that the other series won’t is give shortened bites of stories where the only limitations are the creators’ imaginations. The first season did a fantastic job of airing a potpourri of stories across several genres that can appeal to a broader range of viewers.

Tales of the Walking Dead episode rankings

Personally, I enjoyed each episode for the unique stories told within each one, and it was difficult to list the ones I liked the best. I didn’t hate any of these episodes. Perhaps some of the tales didn’t fit in our box of TWDU, but that is what is so great about this series. Each episode encapsulated different synopsis of how others could handle an apocalypse. Everyone handles the same experiences in different ways.

Tales of the Walking Dead episode rankings worst to best

#6- “La Doña” – While this episode is a fantastic supernatural story, it really has little to do with an apocalypse, which is why it is ranked last on this list. It is a mind-twisting story that finds the main characters haunted by a house they seek shelter at, or is it only in their minds? Daniella Pineda, Danny Ramirez, and Julie Carmen did an outstanding job in their roles in this horror-themed episode.

#5 – “Evie/Joe” – I enjoy the comedic elements thrown in with the darkness of this episode. Terry Crews and Olvia Munn had outstanding chemistry, and Kersti Bryan killed it as Sandra. I think this episode was an authentic look at situations people will find themselves in if an apocalypse ever occurs. You will become friends with people you least expect to, and you won’t be able to trust some people, even those you think you know.

#4 – “Blair/Gina” – this episode was refreshing and vastly different from anything else in TWDU. This is the kind of episode we should be seeing in an anthology, something that pushes the boundaries of the norm. Parker Posey and Jillian Bell were a great team in this buddy comic tragedy.

#3 – “Davon” – I love a good mystery, and this story did a fabulous job keeping me interested enough to figure out what was happening. It had an old-world feel even though it took place about 15 years after the outbreak. It was a bit of a Salem Witch trial feel with a gender swap, as it was a man they were out to get. This episode also had a possible Easter Egg, which was fascinating.

#2 – “Amy/Dr. Everett” – I enjoyed what appears to be an episode 30+ years into the future. I love the idea that some large mysterious organization had to create the trench which kept Dr. Everett and the zoo animals away from other humans in order to thrive again. It was also interesting to learn that things on the other side have gotten even worse this far into the ZA. Anthony Edwards, who played the doctor, got a lot of flack for his acting in this episode, but I think he did a fantastic job of becoming a recluse who hadn’t spoken to another human in years.

#1 – “Dee” – this episode was my favorite, perhaps due in part to the fact that this is a new story of a familiar character. It gave us a shocking twist in Alpha/Dee’s (Samantha Morton) story that we had wrong all along. Many believe that this episode created plot holes in Alpha’s story, but this isn’t the cast. Read here to see why.

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