The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1 DVD release date September 2023

The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1 key art
The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1 key art /

The Walking Dead: Dead City is aspinoff of The Walking Dead featuring fan favorites Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). The duo travels away from the woods into the urban setting of post-apocalyptic Manhattan, overrun by a horde of walkers and a new villain, The Croat (Željko Ivanek). If you have yet to watch the series, it will be available on DVD this fall.

Dead City premiered as the most-watched drama series debut of 2023. This isn’t a surprise, as fans of the universe have longed for new apocalyptic content since The Walking Dead ended its series in November 2022.

AMC Premiere debut episode viewers 

  • Dead City  683,000
  • Interview With the Vampire 622,000
  • Mayfair Witches 577,000
  • Tales of the Walking Dead 572,000

Dead City is also the top series premiere on AMC+ regarding viewers and acquisitions (viewers subscribe to a specific show). This surpasses the debut of Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches. 

The Blu-ray and DVD for season 1 of The Walking Dead: Dead City is now available on Amazon for pre-order, with an official release date set for Sept. 12. This is a great time to lock in the price with Amazon’s price guarantee. Pre-orders pay the lowest price featured up to the release day, and with Amazon Prime, you get free shipping.

Where to watch The Walking Dead: Dead City

If physical copies aren’t your thing, all The Walking Dead: Dead City episodes can be viewed on AMC Network’s streaming service AMC+.

The series’ first season consists of six episodes featuring the continued story of Maggie and Negan. It is a fantastic series which feels familiar to TWD fans while at the same time taking on a life of its own.

The Walking Dead: Dead City official synopsis

The Walking Dead: Dead City envisions the popular Maggie and Negan characters travelling into a post-apocalyptic Manhattan long ago cut off from the mainland. The crumbling city is filled with the dead and denizens who have made New York City their own world full of anarchy, danger, beauty, and terror.

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