Watch Walking Dead’s Samantha Morton in the trailer for The Burning Girls

Actress Samantha Morton is well known for her role as Alpha/Dee in The Walking Dead and Tales of the Walking Dead. In 2022, Morton was announced as being cast as the lead in the series The Burning Girls. The first look trailer for the series has recently been released.

The Burning Girls is a British series based on the same-titled novel by C.J. Tudor that Hans Rosenfeldt and Camilla Ahlgren adapted. This series is part of Paramount+ UK Commissions, an adaptation of The Doll Factory written by Elizabeth McNeal.

The story, a psychological thriller mixed with a small-town mystery, follows a mother and daughter who move to Chapel’s Croft. The mother is a troubled vicar who is trying to overcome the issues of her past. The more they learn of their new town, the more mysterious it becomes.

The Burning Girls release date

The horror thriller The Burning Girls premieres on Paramount+ on October 19.

The Burning Girls cast

Morton plays Reverand Jack Brooks and Ruby Stokes of Bridgerton, and Lockwood & Co. fame plays her daughter Flo. Additional cast members include Conrad Khan, Paul Bradley, Janie Dee, Jane Lapotaire, John Macmillan, Rupert Graves, Elodie Grace Orkin, Safia Oakley-Green, Beth Cordingly, David Dawson, Jack Roth, and Mollie Holder.

The Burning Girls trailer

What does Samantha Morton star in?

Morton has starred in many memorable roles during her career. Fans fondly r, remember her from Minority Report, Libertine, Control, The Messenger, John Carter, Fantastic Beasts, and Where to Find Them. 

Recently she starred in three new movies. The Whale as the ex-wife of Brenden Fraser’s Charlie, Save the Cinema, and She Said. 

She portrayed Catherine de Medici in the Starz series, The Serpent Queen, based on the novel by Leonie Frieda. The series was renewed for season two in October 2022.

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