Did Robert Kirkman reveal Steven Yeun’s roll in Marvel’s Thunderbolts movie?

In February 2023, Deadline broke the news that Invincible actor and Walking Dead alum Steven Yeun was slated to join Marvel Studios Thunderbolts movie. While the part was described as significant, no details on his role have been released by Marvel. In a recent interview with comic artist David Finch, Walking Dead and Invincible creator Robert Kirkman may have spilled the beans regarding Yeun’s role.

During the hour-plus conversation between Kirkman and Finch (during which Finch draws an impressive Omni-Man), they discussed The Walking Dead, everything happening at Skybound Entertainment, and the second season of the adult animated Invincible, of which Yeun plays the titular role.

During this conversation, Kirkman mentions talking to Yeun after a fitting for this Thunderbolts role as Sentry. Then back peddles a bit, stating he hopes this isn’t spoiling anything (it is), adding, “I don’t think this is gonna get anybody in trouble. I don’t care; I don’t work for Marvel; what are they gonna do to me?” with a chuckle.

 “My good friend Steven Yeun is playing the Sentry in a movie.” – Robert Kirkman

He goes on to say that Yeun mentions he must only be able to play superhero roles where the costumes are blue and yellow, as those are the colors for Sentry and Invincible.

You can watch the entire interview below, and Kirkman’s comments about Sentry begin at about the 1:20 marker.

Steven Yeun and Robert Kirkman

Yeun and Kirkman first worked together on The Walking Dead series. Yeun began playing Glenn Rhee in the series’ first season, based on Kirkman’s comic, until his brutal death at the hands of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in the season 7 midseason premiere, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.” Kirkman has since revealed that he initially had a different fate planned for Glenn. 

They also work together on another of Kirkman’s comic adaptations, Invincible. Yeun plays Mark Grayson, a young man whose father is the superhero Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons). The series’ second season premiered on Amazon Prime Video on November 3, 2023, with new episodes weekly.

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