The Walking Dead: The best women supporting women moments

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December 1 is celebrated as Women Supporting Women’s Day. The Walking Dead series takes place during a zombie apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean that moments of women supporting women don’t slip in regardless of the circumstances.

Life before the outbreak is very different from those experienced in The Walking Dead, but moments from before the apocalypse can still sneak in. Like teaching moments, special or sentimental moments, or moments when women just need to support one another. Let’s look back at some of the most powerful moments of women supporting women across the show’s eleven seasons.

You know the moments I am speaking about: The moments where a woman reaches out to another woman to be a decent human being and offers to support each other. Even though life is much different in this series than what we currently live in, there are still many times that women need to lift each other and support a fellow woman.

We see this often throughout the seasons, the moments where anyone can relate to the feeling of helping a fellow woman out or perhaps relating to the gal being helped.

There are so many strong women in this series; it is easy to focus on these moments and reflect on how you would have handled these situations.