The Walking Dead: The best women supporting women moments

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“In the Same Boat” Season 6, Episode 13 – Maggie and Carol get captured

“In The Same Boat”, Carol and Maggie find themselves caught by the enemy. They are tied up and must wait for their fates to be decided by The Saviors who captured them. Carol starts to hyperventilate as The Saviors re-enter the room. Maggie shows great concern as the Saviors ignore Carol and her need for help. Carol, still playing her game of the “scared little bird” as one of the Saviors calls her. She reaches for a rosary that she got off a walker, making them think she is “one of those people.” There is confusion on Maggie’s face as she is trying to figure out Carol’s actions.

The injured Savior starts to attack his fellow Savior, and Maggie steps in to stop the attack. Carol gets involved, and the three girls are able to take the man down. Carol continues with her scared little housewife act, which plays in her favor. As soon as the Saviors leave her alone, she sharpens that rosary to cut her duck tape bonds and searches out for Maggie. Maggie wants to kill the remaining Saviors, but Carol thinks they should just escape. They come together and take down all of the remaining Saviors. One tried to slash Maggie’s pregnant belly, and Carol’s protective instincts kicked in, and she shot her in the head.

I think Carol and Maggie are two of the strongest women in this series, and I love that they got this chance to be together and interact. Carol being so protective of Maggie, shows another woman supporting women moment that I am happy we got to see.

There are many more moments like these throughout the 10 seasons of The Walking Dead. These were some vital character-building moments for these women.

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