How does The Walking Dead rank in Netflix’s recent viewership report?

The Walking Dead complete series digital
The Walking Dead complete series digital /

Netflix has released an in-depth look at viewership on the streamer in the first What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report. This report will be released every six months and is a comprehensive report of what has been watched. The Walking Dead has some impressive numbers considering it isn’t available globally.

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The report breaks down each season of the series by hours viewed, premiere date, and whether or not the title is available globally. Netflix issues the most information regarding viewership than any other streamer, save YouTube. That has now been changed with this new report which is broader than the Top 10 list criteria but uses the same trends for its rankings. The list includes over 18,000 titles.

Currently, Netflix is the only place to view all eleven seasons of The Walking Dead, and below are the hours viewed by season.

  • #62 Season 11 – 136,800,000
  • #170 Season 10 – 72,200,000
  • #173 Season 3 – 71,600,000
  • #192 Season 2 – 67.700,000
  • #216 Season 4 – 62,300,000
  • #218 Season 5 – 62,000,000
  • #231 Season 6 – 59,800,000
  • #245 Season 7 – 57,400,000
  • #275 Season 8 – 53,000,000
  • #295 Season 9 – 51,200,000
  • #361 Season 1 – 44,600,000

The season 11 stat is impressive but not shocking. This was the final season consisting of 24 episodes. Many viewers, even some who stopped watching seasons ago, tuned in to find out how things concluded.

One shocking statistic is that of season 1, the season most fans believe to be the best. This could be attributed to the fact there are only six episodes, as do all TWDU series in their first seasons. But most die-hard fans love this season, and is surprising it hasn’t had more views.

Netflix viewership report

One thing Netflix reported with these statistics is that success on the streamer is determined by more than hours viewed. Other contributing factors include whether an audience is thrilled by the title and the size of the audience relative to economics and title.

Below is the video Netflix released from a call with reporters.

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