Blumhouse hosts Halfway to Halloween Film Festival

Several Walking Dead universe actors appear in movies featured in the Blumhouse/AMC Theater's film festival.

Netflix's 'The Lincoln Lawyer' Special Screening & Reception
Netflix's 'The Lincoln Lawyer' Special Screening & Reception / Vivien Killilea/GettyImages

Blumhouse and AMC Theaters are hosting a Halfway to Halloween Film Festival, which kicked off on March 29. The festival features special showings of some horror favorites in over 40 cities and 100 AMC movie theaters.

Tickets are $8 per movie, and attendees have the chance to participate in giveaways, see sneak peeks, and view exclusive messages from directors and others involved in the movies.

  • Friday, March 29 – Sinister
  • Saturday, March 30 – The Purge
  • Sunday, March 31 – Ouija: Origin of Evil 
  • Monday, April 1 – Insidious (13th year anniversary of the movie’s opening)
  • Tuesday, April 2 – The Invisible Man

Walking Dead actors in Halfway to Halloween Film Festival movies

Walking Dead's Angus Sampson stars in the original Insidious movie, which is celebrating the 13th anniversary of its release. Sampson portrayed Ozzy, one of the Highwaymen who suffered Alpha's pikes in season 9. In the first installment of the Insidious movies, Sampson portrays Tucker Croft, one of Elise Rainier's two assistants. He appeared in all five Insidious movies.

Michael Weaver joined The Walking Dead in season 11 as The Warden, an officer of the Commonwealth. When he refused to reveal the location of Rosita's baby, she used a walker to eat his face, killing him. Weaver also appears in Ouija: Origin of Evil as Roger Zander, the dead husband to Alice, whom she believes she contacts via another spirit.

Aldis Hodge is known for his role in The Walking Dead as Michonne's former boyfriend, Mike, the father of her son Andre Anthony. Mike and his friend Terry were made into Michonne's pet sitters for allowing her son to die. He also portrays a detective named James Lanier in The Invisible Man, the father of Sydney and Cecilia's childhood friend.


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