Exclusive: TWD alum Glenn Stanton discusses his upcoming movie Penitentia

The actor behind The Walking Dead's Frost discusses his new movie Penitentia in this exclusive interview
Penitentia Movie 2023. Image courtesy Gravitas Ventures Distribution
Penitentia Movie 2023. Image courtesy Gravitas Ventures Distribution /

The Walking Dead has brought fans together with incredible actors who have been featured in the franchise. This doesn't stop at TWDU but continues through to their other varying works within Television and Film. And this week fans can stream a new feature-length movie featuring the actor behind TWD's Frost, Glenn Stanton.

Frost featured in the eleventh series of the mothership show and was a very valued member of Maggie's group, The Wardens. Whilst living peacefully in this community, it was destroyed by The Reapers.

After being taken and beaten by Pope and Daryl Dixon for information about Maggie's whereabouts, Frost made sure that he stayed loyal to his group and, despite knowing Daryl, participated in playing dumb to knowing anything about her or her group before Daryl took one of his fingers and he finally confessed to knowing where Maggie was.

It was a highly intense and stressful situation, but Frost stayed faithful to his found family. Actor Glenn Stanton who is behind the role of Frost has another intense and complex role in an indie movie that audiences can stream very soon. Here is what you need to know!

Exclusive: Glenn Stanton Interview

Stanton's new crime drama/thriller Penitentia was released on June 18 on Apple TV, Fandango, and Amazon, amongst other various channels. Gravitas Ventures is behind the distribution of the film, which has just been on a run within the film festival circuit. Stanton is behind the role of Ale Villacano, who "is caught between his criminal past and promising future, Ale must decide what kind of lawyer he is really meant to be" according to the film synopsis.

"There was this really beautiful trust"

Stanton shared how much this movie meant to him emotionally and how the cast was a caring and very talented group of people; other stars of the film include Rusty Schwimmer, Chris Bylsma, Kate Flanagan, Nigel Vonas, and Natasha Coppola-Shalom. The indie movie was directed and written by Chris Lawing who has a very personal connection to the movie. Stanton's lead character Ale has a mentor in the movie who was inspired by Lawing's dad Jim Lawing which adds to its special meaning.

The exclusive deleted scene above features Ale and his partner Beth (Kate Flanagan) and is a sneak peek into the relationship between these two characters. The full cut of the film will explore their partnership further. Along with the journey of Ale in his legal career.

"I came into this because I have always been a storyteller, and I want to be able to make people not feel alone"

I would like to thank Glenn for his time and talking to me about this very exciting project and even sharing an on-set story about himself and Norman Reedus! And I would like to wish the cast and crew every success. Catch the full exclusive interview above!

Penitentia is streaming now!

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