Robert Kirkman: Invincible season 2 ep. 6 didn't feature a Walking Dead crossover

Invincible and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman assures viewers that recent events in Invincible were definately NOT Walking Dead related.
Angstrom Levy
Angstrom Levy /

Comic book writer, screenwriter, and producer Robert Kirkman is well known for co-creating The Walking Dead comic, which led to the AMC series in which he was heavily involved. He is also well known for creating many other comic stories, including Invincible, which has been adapted into an animated series that airs on Amazon Prime Video. The second season has been released in two parts and the sixth episode had some believing they were watching a Walking Dead crossover event.

This article contains spoilers for Invincible, season 2, episode 6, “It’s Not That Simple."

Episode six featured the return of Angstrom Levy, portrayed by Sterling K. Brown, in a post-credits scene. Levy is a fascinating villain who has the ability to open portals to any dimension in the multiverse. One of the worlds he encounters features zombies, and Kirkman sets the record straight: this isn't a Walking Dead crossover.

In an interview with our friends at Bam Smack Pow, Kirkman commented on the inclusion of zombies.

"No, I specifically had them speaking and saying ‘brains’ so that it would be clear that it wasn't the Walking Dead universe, but I should have done more. I should have had them shooting lasers out of their eyes or something because I think people still think it's the Walking Dead universe."

Robert Kirkman
Invincible season 2 part 2
Ross Marquand (The Immortal), Jay Pharaoh (Bulletproof), Khary Payton (Black Samson), Ross Marquand (Robot), Walton Goggins (Cecil Stedman), Monster Girl, Grey Griffin (Shrinking Ray), Jason Mantzoukas (Rex Splode), Melise (Dupli-Kate) /

While this was obviously not a crossover, the series has featured many Walking Dead actors who have lent their voice talents to characters in Invincible.

In addition to the impressive talents of J.K. Simmons, Mark Hamill, Seth Rogan, Walton Goggins, Sandra Oh, John Hamm, Zachary Quinto, Mae Whitman, Max Burkholder, and Mahershala Ali, here is a list of TWD actors featured in the series.

  • Steven Yeun - Invincible/Mark Grayson
  • Khary Payton – Black Samson
  • Lauren Cohan – War Woman
  • Chad Coleman – Martian Man
  • Michael Cudlitz – Red Rush
  • Lennie James – Darkwing
  • Ross Marquand – The Immortal, Aquarius, Rudy, and more
  • Sonequa Martin-Green – Green Ghost

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