The Walking Dead Companion Show Casting Now


The companion show for The Walking Dead has been in the works for a while now, but details are very slow to leak out to the internet community.  With season 5 of The Walking Dead off to a blazing fast start, some folks may have temporarily forgotten about the companion show.  But we’re lucky that the folks at Comic Book Resources didn’t forget.

The creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, recently sat down with Comic Book Resources to talk about everything and everything to do with the show.  Here is what Kirkman had to say about the upcoming companion show for The Walking Dead:

"“There hasn’t ever been any leftover ideas from ‘The Walking Dead’ that I could use in something like this, but it is an opportunity for me to start over from scratch and see ‘Can I – working with Dave – construct a new world and a new pocket of this universe that is just as entertaining but completely different. And I think we’ve pulled it off. We’re casting now, and we’ve got a date for when we’re filming. Things are moving pretty quickly, and I hope around summer next year we can start talking with people more about it.”"

The idea of a new world in the universe of The Walking Dead is a great thought.  Not only is it a great excuse to create new characters for us to get attached to, but now we can get new locations and situations for those characters to interact with.  While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what the original AMC series of The Walking Dead is doing, a little different look at what the outbreak looks like would be a fun and interesting romp as well as something that could freshen things up for the original series as well.

But the greatest thing from this quote from Robert Kirkman is the fact that The Walking Dead companion series is moving forward.  With the show casting right now and a starting date for filming set, the program is taking steps closer to becoming a reality.  Imagining a world where the breaks between seasons for The Walking Dead are filled with more walker action is really exciting.

And let’s be honest, who couldn’t use a little more of The Walking Dead in their life?