Walking Dead Season 5: Gareth’s Jacket Looks Awfully Similar to…


If you are not interested in any spoilers for the comic books and such, then you might want to peace out of this post right now. Otherwise, I sent out that warning for you all. 

Anyone ever notice that Gareth’s jacket looks very familiar to people that are following the comics. His jacket looks a lot like Chris’s jacket. Chris is the leader of the Hunters group in the comic series. This is a group of cannibals that runs into Rick’s group while they are on the road to Washington D.C.

Check out the jackets here:

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It seems pretty evident that Gareth will lead these Hunters to be part of Season 5 and will be the bad guys for this season. The Hunters targeted groups of people since they felt that it was easier to hunt for people than it was to get supplies and food from other places. These people were so sick that they were willing to eat their own children.

If you remember in the first episode of the TV Series, Gareth had his brother, Alex, on the table getting prepped for dinner. He was willing to eat his own brother in order to survive. The similarities are already there for Gareth to be the leader of this group.

We still will find out who will be part of Gareth’s group of Hunters.

We will find out more on Sunday, when the show gets back on the air and we find out a little bit more on each character. We will also see how they develop Gareth to be the Hunter. This group is hungry and Rick and his group are targets.

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