Meet The Hunters: The Walking Dead Season 5


If you watched The Walking Dead on Sunday, then you know that a number of survivors from Terminus have formed a small group of cannibals.  Fans of the comics are even more familiar with this group, as they are called The Hunters in that medium.  However, this is the first time that viewers of the hit AMC television show have seen this group together, so introductions are in order.

Here are the members of The Hunters and the actors who are playing them on the show:

Gareth – Played by Andrew J. West

  • Gareth was the leader of Terminus.  He has become the face of both Terminus and The Hunters, since he gave the monologue while the scene was showing the group eating Bob’s leg at the campfire.  His mental strength and toughness make him a powerful and influential leader.  Gareth is most likely assuming the role of Chris from the comics.

Albert – Played by Benjamin Papac

  • Albert is directly from the comic book series.  He is a vocal member of The Hunters that isn’t afraid to be take action or let his opinion be heard.  His impact should be felt as early as episode 3 of Season 5 if his character acts in accordance with the comic book series.

Greg – Played by Travis Young

  • Being the strongest of the members of The Hunters, you have to assume that Greg is the muscle of the group.  In the comic book series, Greg was called upon to perform a lot of the tasks that required a lot of physical strength.  Still, we don’t know a lot about the character of Greg or if his role will mirror that of the comics.  However, if it does follow the comics, expect to see a lot of Greg hunting and stalking his prey along side Martin.

Martin – Played by Chris Coy

  • Oh, Martin.  Why didn’t Tyreese finish you off in the cabin when he had the chance?  It’s hard to believe that Tyreese would spare the life of a man who was threatening to kill baby judith, but there he was, sitting at the campfire gnawing on Bob’s flesh.  Still, what we learned about Martin in that cabin should help develop his character.  He was not a member of The Hunters in the comics, but he could take the place of Charlie as an active hunter and stalker.

Mike – Played by Chris Burns

  • Mike is not a character that was adapted from the comics.  He most likely will assume the role of David from the graphic novel.  If that is true, Mike should be the voice of reason and the level headed one that tries to think and act rationally and logically instead of reaction off emotion.  He should be a good balance to the chaos of Albert within The Hunters.

Theresa – Played by April Billingsley 

  • Theresa is another carryover from the comic book series.  At this time, not a lot is known about her character on the TV show, but she is the only female member of The Hunters and should be an interesting character to watch interact with the the rest of The Hunters.  Theresa didn’t get involved in too many of the physical altercations in the comics, staying on the sidelines for a a majority of the battles.

So those are The Hunters.  When we left them at the end of Season 5 Episode 2, they were settled in around the campfire eating pieces of Bob’s leg.  But we know it won’t stop there, since Gareth and the rest of the Hunters will most likely seek out revenge on the survivors at Father Gabriel’s church.

Tune into The Walking Dead on Sunday, October 26th to find out what happens next for The Hunters and Father Gabriel, as well as Rick Grimes and the gang.