Walking Dead Season 5: Was Carol Running Away?


Toward the end of Season 5 Episode 2 of the Walking Dead, Carol was fixing up a car on her lonesome. Was she looking to run? 

What is the deal with Carol? Carol did not want to share the story with Daryl on why she disappeared from the group. She wasn’t about to talk about it and she wanted to forget about it.

Toward the end of Episode 2, we noticed that Carol was getting the car prepped. Was she trying to run away from the group again?

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Before we are able to find out, she had to deal with a walker and then Daryl found her. It sure looked like she was getting prepped to leave the group. That might come into play again later.

Maybe she is comfortable working alone? Maybe she believes her chances of surviving are better alone?

We know that Carol doesn’t deal with BS. We know that she is ready to kill off anyone that puts her or the group in jeopardy.


Was she tired of playing that role with the group and would rather protect herself?

Here is my theory on what will be happening.

Carol wasn’t ready to share the truth about why she was exiled from the group, especially to Daryl. She was going to run away so she didn’t have to deal with that madness. Now she is caught in a moment with Daryl in which they are working to find Beth.

When things are able to calm down a but and the two are able to talk a bit, Daryl will for sure question Carol on why she was trying to run away again. At that point, she will break down and tell him that she didn’t run the first time. Then tell the whole story.

When they get a chance to meet up again, it will bring dissension with the whole group. What is going to happen to the group when Rick and Daryl are not on the same page? All the in house fighting could be a bad sign for the future of some members of the group.

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