Walking Dead Episode 3 Spoilers: What Happens Next in the Comics?


If you do not know the comic series, we are going to bring you another spoiler on what could happen next in the Walking Dead TV Series on AMC.

On Season 5 Episode 3 of the Walking Dead, we likely will see Bob placed at the front of the church without his leg as bait for the group. Rick and the group get out to him and Rick finds out that they are being watched.

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We have gotten to the point in the TV Series where the Hunters have cut off Bob’s leg and are chowing down on it. I am sure that the Hunters will find out that Bob is “tainted meat” and will have a whole scene of vomiting from the Hunters.

Let’s get past that incident, and talk about what the Hunters will do next. The Hunters are looking for food and are targeting groups of people as food supply. They are cannibals. They have their sites set on Rick’s group right now.

The Hunters will likely put Bob out in front of the church as bait.

Below is what it looks like in the comic series. For the comic series, Bob is taking the role of Dale and Sasha seems to be taking the role of Andrea. The group finds Dale and then… just take a look in on the comic:

Rick finds out that they are being watched and he makes sure to get everyone to safety and unloads. That last scene sure looks like a scene they have been showing on the previews.

There is a little preview that show Rick yelling “GO!!!” while firing off his weapon. Here is a screen shot of Rick:

In the comic series, Rick only had hand and had to shoot left handed, but that story has not come into play on the TV Series, so he can use his good hand.

The TV Series doesn’t follow the comic series line for line, but they have followed some scenes fairly closely. This is one scene that will likely happen in the next episode of the Walking Dead in front of the church.

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