Walking Dead Theory: Was Bob A Lure for Terminus in the Past?


On the Walking Dead TV Series, it seems that Bob and Gareth had a history together. Here is a theory that one of our readers had put together. 

It really seems like Bob and Gareth has a bit of history with each other. We are not sure what that history is at the moment, but we have our theories. Here is one of the theories from one of our readers (we will need to think of a good name for the readers here on Undead Walking… Undead Readers?), Joseph Givens.

Here is the theory from our comments section:

"I think that Bob had been a lure for Terminus previously. I think he would assimilate into a group (in the past) and lead them into Terminus for the slaughter. I think the 2 groups that he had been the sole survivor of were eaten by Terminus. I think he became appalled by it and left the group then finding Ricks group and starting to drown his guilt in alcohol."

Our Undead Reader makes an interesting theory.

I did wonder, if this theory is legit,  if he actually was still a lure for the people of Terminus because he did lead the people back there. He also was at the end of the trough and that could be the way that he was going to get out of the containment area while he was with the rest of the group. Of course I definitely could be putting too much into that theory.

To add more meat to the story, here is another Undead Reader’s, NOYFB,  thoughts on how it could relate to the signs on the trees.

"If we take the food collection point idea out a little farther and put it with your theory then maybe Bob led groups to collection points like this church (but not necessarily this church). This way he could be somewhat ignorant to the exact goings on of the termites, especially if he did the job of luring groups under duress from the termites."

The theory is getting more and more juicy!

Joseph and I do both believe that the story will go right along with the comics though in the end. We will find out on Sunday. Can’t wait to see this thing play out.

So Undead Readers, what is your theory on Bob and Gareth? What is there history? Do they even have a history?

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