People’s Choice Awards: How To Vote For The Walking Dead


One of the most popular shows on television right now is the AMC series The Walking Dead. Over 17 million people tuned in for the season five premiere and roughly over 15 million stuck around for the second episode last weekend. While the show is raking in viewers, it’s not winning many Emmys which is leaving the awards shelf bare.

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But the People’s Choice Awards could help change all of that. The Walking Dead is up for Best Series at the People’s Choice Awards, which means fans have the right to choose the winner. What the means is those 17-plus million fans who tuned in for the season premiere can help do damage on the voting process.

Simply go to this link here and click on The Walking Dead to cast your vote.

There’s a lot of stiff competition against The Walking Dead as shows like Sons of Anarchy and Grey’s Anatomy have always been popular with fans. The fact of the matter though is that AMC has a real hit on its hands and while those two shows — and all others nominated — can’t match the type of ratings that The Walking Dead gets.

If nothing else, that should give the series some confidence to walk into the voting process with a head held high.

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