Rick Grimes Compared to Arogon from Lord of the Rings


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television and that popularity has fans drawing connections to other shows and movies that they love and adore. While The Walking Dead isn’t derivative of any works, there are similarites that can be drawn between it and existing material.

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As pointed out by Darren Franich from Entertainment Weekly, there are some pretty major similarities between The Walking Dead and Lord of the Rings.

"Although The Walking Dead is an ensemble story, Rick Grimes serves as both the leader of his specific group and more generally as a leading symbol of hope for humanity in post-apocalyptic America. Played by the increasingly bearded Andrew Lincoln—an Englishman affecting an impressively elaborate Southern accent—Rick occasionally tries to reject the responsibility of leadership, spending many months as a farmer. Early in the saga, Rick is paired off against a near-exact Double: Shane, another policeman, who believes that evil actions are justified if they’re in service of the greater good. Shane dies in Rick’s arms."

This is a hilarious comparison in that it’s so true it can’t be ignored. Obviously, The Walking Dead isn’s ripping off Lord of the Rings but the similarities are impossible to miss and hilarious to have pointed out.

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