Walking Dead Episode 5.05 and 5.06 Titles Revealed


The titles for the Walking Dead episodes of 5.05 and 5.06 have been revealed. We all can speculate what they mean and how they relate to the show. 

The titles for the Walking Dead Season 5 episodes 5 and 6 have been revealed today. The title for episode 5.05 is “The Choice” and the title name for episode 5.06 is “Heart Drift.” via Spoiler TV.

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What could those episode titles mean for this season? We will be viewing the 3rd episode on Sunday and we will find out what is happening with Bob. There are rumors that t he 4th episode should have a heavy dose of Beth in it, so what is that going to mean with episode 5.05.

“The Choice”.

I will make my own speculation on this choice that needs to be made in this episode. It could mean something to do with the trip to DC, but could we get a situation in which Daryl has a choice to save Carol or Beth?

That could be one interesting situation for Daryl and for the fans of the show. Daryl has built up a strong relationship with both women and it could be one interesting mess that we get into. It would be interesting to see.

“Heart Drift”

Now for this heart drift. Could it deal with one of the couples on the show? Could it deal with Glenn and Maggie? Could it deal with Rosita and Abraham? Can we even say that Rosita and Abraham are together based on what we have seen on the show? Will there be another relationship that is built that has to be broken up?

We will be counting down the hours until the next episode that will be aired later today.

Undead Readers. what are your theories on what the titles could mean? 

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