Did Gareth Know Bob Before Terminus? Andrew J. West Tells All


A couple weeks ago, I brought forth a theory that Bob and Gareth were connected prior to the events at Terminus on The Walking Dead.  Now that the story with The Hunters is over and we never got any more information on this topic, I figured that it was possible that we’d never really find out if that theory held any water.

Luckily for us, The Walker Stalker Podcast talked to Andrew J. West, who plays Gareth on The Walking Dead, about this exact theory. Here’s what he had to say:

"“It wasn’t specifically Bob that [Gareth] is referring to. He does say it is sort of a cosmic justice that we have you, but I think by ‘you’ he means a member of your group. So I think what Gareth is saying to Bob at the end of Episode 2 is that Gareth and his survivors are just out there hunting, and they’re hunting anybody. They’re not looking for somebody specifically, they’re not out to get revenge. But it just so happens that they come across a member of the group that was responsible for the demise of Terminus.”"

This answer doesn’t make much sense to me.

While it’s possible that I’m somewhat blinded by how interesting it would have been if Gareth and Bob knew each other before the fall of Terminus, I’m not buying that Gareth is the kind of guy to not want to seek revenge on the group that took down Terminus.  His monologue to Bob at the end of Strangers and the beginning of Four Walls And A Roof also point this Andrew J. West’s statement not being logical. I don’t think they would have done the same thing if it was any other random person that they had captured and eaten.

The story loses a lot of the power and drama when you start to think that The Hunters weren’t stalking Rick’s group since the fall of Terminus.  If that’s true, then why were The Hunters following Rick Grimes and the gang for so long?  There were plenty of times that the group split off in the video montage after Terminus.  Why didn’t The Hunters capture one of them?

In the end, I suppose meat is just meat to The Hunters.  And it really doesn’t matter who you are.  When a man is hungry, he’s gotta eat.

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