Walking Dead: Did Carol Get Caught on Purpose?


At the end of the Walking Dead episode 504, we find out that Carol is taken into the hospital for some reason. She was brought in on a stretcher and is getting taken to the room to get checked up on by the doctor. What happened to Carol?

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Did Carol get taken by these people on purpose so that she can save Beth? Was it her plan to get taken by them? She has been the hero of this season so far already. She could be taking her superhuman strength into Atlanta to save Beth from all these people.

When we last saw Carol, she was with Daryl in the woods trying to jump start a car. Then they both aw a car with a cross on it and Daryl said that those are the people that took Beth. They looked like they were going to go after the car.

If they both were going to get after Beth, then why is only one person brought back to the hospital? Why would Daryl leave Carol behind to get to the hospital?

There are a number of unanswered questions on how this all worked out. We don’t know why Carol is there and we don’t even know if the directors are playing with time again. Did this all happen in the past?

Unless Carol and Daryl got split up for some time, then I don’t know how they would only have Carol going back to the hospital. The only way I could think that this could have happened is if she purposely got taken to be the hero again.

She already saved the world by taking out Terminus, now she is about to take out a whole hospital of people to save Beth. It doesn’t even look like we will find out the answer to this in the next episode, since all the previews are focusing in on Abraham. So many cliffhangers right now!

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