Does Norman Reedus Care If Daryl Dixon Is Gay?


Over the last month or so, there has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not the character of Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead is homosexual.  This got so huge that we saw a lot of dialogue about what this would mean to Norman Reedus’ character as well as the relationships with either Carol or Beth.

The Inquisitr posted an article claiming that both Globe magazine and Celeb Dirty Laundry had information that Norman Reedus was begging and pleading with The Walking Dead’s producers to have the character be heterosexual.

Yes, Reedus does get a lot of attention from his female fans, but most of all, he’s an established actor and a professional that is playing a role.  The sexual preference that the character of Daryl Dixon has is outside of his control.  Still, how would Norman Reedus feel about these allegations?

It didn’t take long for The Walking Dead’s star to slam these rumors to the ground.  Reedus, who is known for his excellent interactions on social media with fans and lack of shyness on Twitter posted this response the day after the Inquisitr article was released:

As a matter of fact, according to Reedus, the idea of making Daryl Dixon’s sexuality a question happened all the way back in season 1.   Reedus said that he discussed the idea of making Daryl “prison gay”with some of the makers of The Walking Dead.  Norman Reedus talked about that in his recent GQ interview:

"“I remember Frank Darabont, after the first season we were at a party in L.A., He said, ‘I’ve got an idea for Daryl. He’s gay. Would you be interested in that?’ I was like, ‘Let me hear you out.’ He said, ‘Well, he’s prison gay—like, you’ll catch him looking at a member of the same sex, but if you mention it to him, he’ll just stab you and be like what the f**k?—he will never admit it.’ I was like, ‘That’ll blow minds—let’s do that.’ And he said, ‘I knew I hired you for a reason.’”"

I totally believe Reedus when he says that it wouldn’t matter if Daryl Dixon were gay.  However, how much would it matter to his loyal legion of fans as well as casual viewers of The Walking Dead?

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