Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: What Happens in “Self Help”?


I assume that you are ready for some Walking Dead spoilers and some speculation on this post, but just in case you weren’t prepared, just had to send out this little warning to you all. 

The Walking Dead Episode 505 will be focused on the crew that is headed out to Washington. That group consists of Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Glenn, Maggie and Tara. They have taken Father Gabriel’s bus and they are on their way to Washington so they can get Eugene out there to save the world.

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The trip over to Washington should include a bus crash. We have seen it in the previews multiple times and this should be the episode on which it all comes into play. We have no idea on why they get in an accident in a world that has fairly few people wandering around and has a ton of walkers. If you look at the photo below, it looks like they run into another car and get flipped over.

Also, we are not sure who is in the van at the moment of the crash. Are they all in there? If they are all in there, how bad are the injuries going to be from that bus flip?

Another detail that we could be seeing is a flashback into Abraham’s past. We were clued in a video of Abraham beating the crap out of someone with a can of thick and chunky soup.

If they are going to follow the comic storyline on Abraham, we will find out that Abraham and his fam took shelter in a store with another group of people. While Abraham was on a supply run, he comes back and saw that his wife and daughter had been raped and his son was being held down and was forced to watch it.

Abraham took business in his own hands and beat down those rapists brutally, His family was shocked by the scene of the brutal beating and ran off. Abraham later finds his family, but they are now walkers and has to put them down. Soon after, Abraham finds Rosita and Eugene.

The TV Storyline could be very similar. Sadly we will have to see another rape type scene if they follow it closely.

Also, a firetruck will come into play in this episode. Here is a small image of the fire truck scene that we have seen in the trailers.

We have already seen that they flip the bus, could this mean that they find a new mode of transportation to get to Washington? They likely will be riding on a firetruck soon and will be taking out walkers with the fire hose.

Finally, we are not sure if they will show the relationship of Rosita and Abraham. They are a couple in the comic series, but that really has not come into play on the TV series yet. I wonder if they will make that come to life soon.

Finally, there is a little secret that Eugene could share in this episode.

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