Will Maggie Become Depressed, Try To Kill Herself?


The Walking Dead is going to give some attention to the Abraham storyline this week, which may include some insight into where Maggie’s storyline is going — both mentally and physically. 

Maggie is a character that a lot of people have identified with over the course of the series, as she seems to be an everywoman in this post-apocolytic world. Other characters on the show have had their bouts with being vulnerable, but Maggie seems to be the most vulnerable of them all as she has yet to have her moment of clarity and confidence.

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Even after finding Glenn mostly safe and sound, Maggie is still fragile and on razor’s edge. This is something that may come into play as her storyline in Season 5 plays out as her mental state may become a focal point for her character.

Be warned, potential spoilers lie ahead.

In the comic books, Maggie attempts to kill herself — or at least seriously contemplate doing so — but this occurs before events that have already transpired in the television show. This begs the question of if she will attempt to take her own life or if that is being skipped over by the show.

Based on the human emotions that drive the theme of the show, it’s more than possible that a suicide storyline comes into play for Maggie. She hasn’t been dealing with her lot in life very well despite trying really hard to be as happy as she can. The things that have happened to her could very well lead to severe depression for Maggie and especially post traumatic stress.

Maggie at the very least contemplating taking her own life is very plausible and it’s something to watch out for as the series continues to unfold her story.

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